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Fantastic Fungi In Everyday Life

Fungi are truly fantastic, capable of mass decomposition and great healing. Humans have relied on Fungi for thousands of years, and they have been vital... Read More "Fantastic Fungi In Everyday Life"

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Monotub Tek

Hello Mushroom Lovers!! Ever wonder how to grow your own Magic Mushrooms? Follow this guide to learn the Monotub Tek for growing Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic... Read More "How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Monotub Tek"

Mycoremediation, The Power Of Oyster Mushrooms

Fungi are humans natural counterpart. Humans are the earths greatest creators, for better or worse, and Fungi are the earths greatest destroyer. Read More "Mycoremediation, The Power Of Oyster Mushrooms"

Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms, Paving the way for Legalization.

Hello Mushroom Lovers! It has been a great year or so for Magic Mushrooms, lots of media attention, raised awareness and incredible research being done!... Read More "Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms, Paving the way for Legalization."

Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms For Mind, Body, and Soul

Magic Mushrooms, Psilocybe Cubensis, contain incredible healing powers. Could Magic Mushrooms be the solution to society's depression? Might these fantastic fungi help people with addiction?... Read More "Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms For Mind, Body, and Soul"

The Giant Mushroom in Oregon, Largest Living Organism

Humongous Fungus The giant mushroom in Oregon's Malheur National Forest is the largest living organism on earth. The fungus is called Armillaria and is commonly... Read More "The Giant Mushroom in Oregon, Largest Living Organism"

The Best 5 Mushroom Growing Kit Companies

What is a mushroom growing kit? A mushroom growing kit is essentially a grow bag packed full of colonized substrate (like wood, straw etc.). Sometimes... Read More "The Best 5 Mushroom Growing Kit Companies"

About Us

Here at That Mushroom we believe the fantastic Fungi are Humanities natural counterpart, our other half. Humans for better or worse are the greatest creators on earth, capable of incredible things but we have abused this power, misguided by unchecked capitalism and greed. Fungi are the great destroyers, cleaning up after plants and animals alike. Humanity has caused a great imbalance and Fungi will come to clean it up, whether we like it or not. Our goal is to work and evolve with the fantastic fungi, for a better world. For now I am running this on my own and chasing my dream of That Mushroom Farm. I am Violently Tasty, I believe that if we work with Nature, we can save the world.

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