The Best 5 Mushroom Growing Kit Companies
The Best 5 Mushroom Growing Kit Companies

The Best 5 Mushroom Growing Kit Companies

What is a mushroom growing kit?

A mushroom growing kit is essentially a grow bag packed full of colonized substrate (like wood, straw etc.). Sometimes referred to as fruiting blocks, grow kits come in a variety of sizes, and also can be indoor/outdoor specific. The best kits will come fully colonized and ready to fruit.

Why you should buy a mushroom growing kit today!

Mushroom grow kits are a great introduction into mushroom growing, they are fun and produce fresh tasty mushrooms. Grow kits allow you to witness the mushroom life cycle, without all the hassle of growing from scratch. Kids love to watch Pink Oysters erupt from the fruiting block, and may even learn to love eating them! Not to mention the health benefits of consuming mushrooms are astronomical.

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Reishi Grow Kit

I will be taking a wide range of things into consideration while ranking these companies. Such as how many varieties they offer, where their materials come from, success rate, and of course overall quality of the grow kit. Not only do I want to help you get the best grow kit, I want to help you spend your money with a good, eco-friendly company.

Which type of mushroom growing kit to buy?

Deciding which mushrooms you want to grow may be the most difficult part of picking a mushroom grow kit. This will depend on two main factors, where you want to grow and why you want to grow. Those who want to grow mushrooms for dinner, Lions Mane is a great choice or if you want to grow for medicinal effects, Reishi has incredible benefits. If you want to grow indoors you’ll have lots of options and can grow almost anything, those who only want to grow outdoors will be restricted by climate. Shiitake is a great option for outdoor growing on logs, and oyster will grow rapidly indoors and look beautiful in any room.

#1 North Spore

  • Wide variety of high quality grow kits, North Spore offers indoor grow kits and outdoor grow logs.
  • Responsibly sourced materials for spawn and grain
  • Fantastic resources and assistance so you can get the most out of your kit. Offering clear instructions for all of their grow kits and troubleshooting
  • The people over at North Spore really know what they are doing and why they are doing it. They are truly Spreading the Spore, and making all types of mushroom cultivation more accessible.

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#2 Root Mushroom Farm

  • While not having quite the selection that North Spore has, Root Mushroom Farm does have Cordyceps, and are the only company on the list that offers them
  • Root mushroom Farm uses agricultural waste such as wheat bran, coffee grounds and sawdust, making them eco-friendly
  • They offer instructions for every grow kit except Cordyceps, and do not offer much in the way of troubleshooting or further education

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Lions Mane Mushroom growing kit

#3 Asheville Fungi

  • Offers only indoor fruiting bags weighing 6lbs each, some variety including Reishi and Lions Mane
  • Asheville Fungi is a smaller company, and does not state where their materials come from.
  • All grow kits come with detailed instructions but there is a lack in troubleshooting resources

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Reishi Mushroom Growing kit

#4 Myctyson

  • Myctyson only offers two varietys, Reishi and Lions Mane, both come as a 7lbs fruiting block
  • Myctyson puts a focus on recycling agricultural waste for mushroom growth
  • The best thing about Myctyson is the time and effort he puts in to building the mushroom community, he is the founder of r/mushroomgrowers, and is working to build a global mushroom growers network
  • 15% of all proceeds go towards furthering the goal of a global mushroom community

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#5 Back to the Roots

  • Back to the Roots only offers two mushroom grow kits, both are oysters and both are for indoor growing
  • The grow kits are quite small but still grow good flushes
  • Back to the Roots has made their grow kits very kid friendly and educational, each one includes a curriculum to learn from
  • This company deserves a serious shout out for doing lots of marketing for mushroom grow kits, even going as far as getting grow kits on big box shelves. This brought massive attention to mushroom cultivation¬†

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Pink oyster mushroom growing kit

Mushroom growing kits are an awesome way to get familiar with the mushroom growing process. If you fall in love with this process like I did check out, How to Grow Reishi Mushrooms, to learn more about the process.