Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms, Paving the way for Legalization.
Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms, Paving the way for Legalization.

Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms, Paving the way for Legalization.

Hello Mushroom Lovers! It has been a great year or so for Magic Mushrooms, lots of media attention, raised awareness and incredible research being done! The future is looking very bright indeed. I believe mushrooms have the power to heal humanity, so lets talk more about this progress!!

Decriminalization Of Magic Mushrooms (P. Cubensis)

What Does It Mean?

Decriminalization does not make magic mushrooms legal. It does mean the legal system will no longer prosecute possession under a certain amount. You can still be prosecuted for the production or distribution of the drug in question, however you will not be prosecuted for possession, acquisition or consumption.

How Does It Help?

Decriminalization is a very exciting step towards legalization, because it opens up more research opportunities. Now that some cities and states have decriminalized Psilocybin there is so much more research opportunity. When something is fully illegal it is nearly impossible to do enough research to prove that it should be legal. So through research and a better understanding of Psilocybin we can achieve full legalization.

Who,s Doing It?

Decriminalization of magic mushrooms is happening rapidly across the country, it began in Denver, 2019, and now the entire state of California has followed suite. Here is a list of decriminalized states and cities, with links to the legislation.


The data does not lie. Psilocybin has the potential to help those suffering from PTSD, depression, addiction and so much more! The results from the nicotine addiction studies are incredible, blowing all current treatments out of the water. We need to let nature heal us and give everyone access to proper medicine. Checkout Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms For Mind, Body, and Soul where we talk about the various uses and studies a little more in depth.

Availability Of Magic Mushrooms

Sadly our government has made these incredible fungi illegal. This is a crime committed against all of humanity, and I don’t agree with it. So, on that note if you would like to grow your own magic mushrooms checkout, Pf Tek, How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Beginners Method. Make sure you dose accurately and dehydrate properly. Always be responsible and safe y’all.

Legal Mushrooms

We are all very excited about magic mushrooms making progress, but we must not forget the countless mushrooms that ARE legal. Lions Mane to Reishi, there is lots of benefits to taking daily mushroom supplements, I take Thrive 6 from FreshCap, and have been super pleased.