Mycoremediation, The Power Of Oyster Mushrooms
Mycoremediation, The Power Of Oyster Mushrooms

Mycoremediation, The Power Of Oyster Mushrooms

Fungi are humans natural counterpart. Humans are the earths greatest creators, for better or worse, and Fungi are the earths greatest destroyers. Fungi can dismantle almost anything humans can make, the sooner we learn to work with them, the sooner humanity can step into a balanced future.  

What Is Mycoremediation?

Mycoremediation is when we use fungi to clean up toxins, heal ecosystems and return balance to nature. There are many fungi, with many different uses, but one genus seems to stand out more than the others. This is Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus), a mushroom genus capable of incredible things!

What Are Oyster Mushrooms?

Oyster Mushrooms, scientifically known as Pleurotus, are a genus of mushrooms and there are many species within the genus Pleurotus.  These mushrooms are very aggressive growers, and their mycelium webs can spread a great distance, great for cleanup. The mycelium is the part of the fungi that actually does most of the work, mycelium is built underground or inside of whatever the mushrooms are growing on.

How Does It Work?

Using Oyster Mushrooms to clean up messes is so simple and makes so much sense. We know that fungi can break down crude oil, diesel, and many other toxic chemicals. So when oil spills occur we can float hay bundles inoculated with Oyster Mushrooms  and the fungi will break down the oil. After the Sonoma County wildfires in 2017, local mushroom farmers teamed up with clean up efforts to inoculate 40 miles of wattles surrounding fire damaged areas. Even heavy metals can be gathered and concentrated into mushrooms, making it much easier to remove the heavy metals from the environment.

Why Aren’t We Doing More Mycoremediation?

Doesn’t It seem odd that we know these fungi exist and yet we are barely utilizing them. Why is that? Because in order to utilize fungi on large scale, there needs to be funding and acknowledgment of the problem. It is challenging to get a company to pay to fix a problem, when they won’t admit the problem exists. So for now mycoremediation is mostly done on small scale by volunteers. I personally believe we are coming to a point where corporations are going to be forced to deal with the messes they’ve made, and they will realize fungi are an efficient and cost effective way to do so.

Oyster Mushrooms In Action

  Utilizing Oyster Mushrooms At Home

Mycoremediation isnt only for large scale pollution clean up. Oyster mushrooms can be utilized on a small scale at home or in a community. I have a decent size compost pile inoculated with Oysters that produces more than enough compost for my 100+ square foot garden. The mycelium helps break things down much faster than your average compost pile, and every once in awhile I get to harvest some delicious Oyster Mushrooms! Its a win win! If you would like to add Oyster Mushrooms to your compost bin or garden all you need to do is order some spawn and mix it in to the soil or compost!!!

More Interesting Fungi!!!

That Mushroom Farm!!!???

With the mushroom world growing so rapidly I have decided it is time to found That Mushroom Farm! I will be recording and logging the whole process, from paper to farm. That Mushroom Farm! Is going to be a gourmet/medicinal farm, while also offering Mycoremediation services to my community! If you’d like to help, all donations are appreciated!! Will be launching a full page for That Mushroom Farm! soon!!

Mush Love, ViolentlyTasty

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