How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Monotub Tek
How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Monotub Tek

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Monotub Tek

Hello Mushroom Lovers!! Ever wonder how to grow your own Magic Mushrooms? Follow this guide to learn the Monotub Tek for growing Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushrooms) in bulk. The life cycle of mushrooms is a beautiful thing to witness first hand, but we must remember that Magic Mushrooms are still illegal in most of the USA, this guide is for informational purposes only! Enjoy, I hope you learn something!

What exactly Is The Monotub Tek?

BRF monotub tek

Monotub tek is a bulk growing method for Cubensis using a tub or tote to create ideal growing conditions for the mushrooms. Monotubs are easy to setup and utilize space very well. If the monotub tek seems like too much for you I recommend the Pf Tek.

Materials Needed

  • Magic Mushroom Spores (Psilocybe Cubensis)
  • Grain Spawn
  • Coco Coir
  • Vermiculite
  • Drill with 2” circle bit
  • Poly Fil
  • Spray Bottle
  • Isypropel Alcohol
  • SAB
  • Blow Torch
  • Sterilite tub

Monotub Tek Overview

  1. Make or purchase grains for spawn
  2. Inoculate the grains with Spores
  3. Break up and mix grains when 20-30% colonized
  4. Allow mycelium to fully colonize grains
  5. Build Monotub
  6. Prepare bulk substrate
  7. Inoculate bulk substrate with fully colonized grain spawn
  8. Allow mycelium to colonize all of the substrate
  9. Put monotub into fruiting conditions

1) Grain Spawn

Making grain spawn is quite the process and requires more specialized equipment like a presser cooker for sterilization. For this monotub tek it is easiest to buy premade spawn, unless you already own a decent sized pressure cooker. If you do have a pressure cooker, here is how you make grain spawn!



  • Spore syringe, LC or Agar culture
  • Grain Spawn Bag or Jar
  • SAB (still air box)
  • Isypropel Alcohol
  • Blow Torch


Set up SAB in a clean room with the grain spawn inside, then wipe down spawn jars/bags and inside of SAB with alcohol. Next you need to flame sterilize the needle of your syringe and quickly inject each spawn jar through the port or micropore tape. If using a bag that doesn’t have an inoculation port just put two layers of micropore tape down and inoculate throught the tape. This protects against melting a big hole. Allow grains to colonize in a dark space around 75-80F.

3) Break Up and Mix Grains

When your grains are 20-30% colonized you will want to break them up and mix them. Spawn bags are pretty easy to break up, but jars can be a little tougher. I like to bang my jars on a bike tire. Once you’ve got the colopnized grains broken up you want to mix them evenly through all of the grain spawn. Mixing the grains like this helps them colonize much faster, which is not only convient but also prevents contamination. Put the grains back in the dark space around 75-80F.

4) Allow Grains To Fully Colonize

The mycelium can take 2-3 weeks for most species, starting from spores. Patience is a huge part of mushroom cultivation but I promise it is worth it in the end. The mushroom life cycle is such a beautiful thing to witness. Be Patient. Leave grains in dark space around 75-80F.

5) Build Monotub


Monotub tek
  • Sterlite tub
  • Drill and 2” circle bit (or 2” can and a blow torch)
  • Polyfil or micropore tape


Measure 6” up from the bottom of your sterilite tub and place two dots 9” apart. These dots will be the center of your 2” holes, if you are using a drill simply cut your hole. Those of you using a can and blowtorch will need to heat the rim of the can and burn the holes in the tub. Now that you have holes in your tub you will want to either stuff them tight with polyfil or cover them with micropre tape. Now you have a completed monotub!

6) Prepare Bulk Substrate


Bulk Substrate for monotub tek
  • ½ Brick Coco Coir
  • 1 Quart Coarse Vermiculite
  • Bucket with lid
  • 2 Quarts Boiling Water


Place the coir in the bucket, and then put the vermiculite in the bucket. Pour boiling water into bucket, put the lid on and let sit for 45 minutes. Once the 45 minutes are up open the bucket and stir the substrate. Put the lid back on and let sit for 3 hours. The bulk substrate is now ready for inoculation!

7) Inoculate Bulk Substrate With Grain Spawn

Fully colonized monotub tek

In a large bowl or tub add the prepared substrate and grain spawn. The amount you will use varies with your monotub size and preferred spawn:substrate ratio. I like to stick with 1:2 for fast colonization and decreased chance of contamination. After you get it mixed up well you can transfer it into the monotub. You will want to level out the substrate and make sure there isnt any loose spots around the edges.

8) Allow Mycelium To Colonize Substrate

Now that you have a monotub loaded up with inoculated substrate you will want to put it in a dark space between 75-80F. Check on it daily to make sure it is not drying out, if the walls of the monotub start to look dry you will want to mist with clean water. Colonization will take 10-14 days. Open the tub as little as possible during this time.

9) Put Monotub Into Fruiting Conditions

Now that the substrate is fully colonized and ready to fruit you will want to decrease tempereture to between 70-75F. Light is not necessary to fruit mushrooms but I do like to let mine have ambient light while fruiting. The fungi will use more water while fruiting and you may need to mist more often.

10) Harvest Your Magic Mushrooms!!!!

Cubensis from Monotub tek

Time for the fun part!! I like to harvest mushrooms right before the veil breaks so they don’t sporulate all over the tub. The best way to store magic mushrooms is dehydration and then an airtight container. Standard food dehydraters work great for this purpose and I like dark glass jars.


Congrats on taking things into your own hands and growing your own medicine. Remember that magic mushrooms are still illegal in most states. Psilocybin holds massive healing potential, and no governing power should be able to take away natural medicine. Magic mushrooms can open your mind, increase creativity, fight depression and addiction. Enjoy growing magic mushrooms and be safe!!! For those interested in the greater world of medicinal mushrooms there are lots of grow kits and Reishii is one of my favorites.